Love What You Do..PR Inspires at Every Corner

If you are like most people, between working the daily grind combined with endless family and home life responsibilities/stresses can often be overwhelming.  I know plenty in public relations, marketing, and advertising that are burning the candles on both ends…and it’s easy to forget why we chose the professions we did.  For me, I know that what I do matters.  Public relations and all its segments,  including:  the art of brand building, image making (and sometimes reinventing), providing inspriation to diverse communities, and clear guidance during times of crisis or turmoil, or perhaps helping compaines reconnect with their DNA via corporate social responsibilites.  All of these amazing components, and many more, inspire me to do what I do better.  Live to work, don’t work to live is a common theory…but seldom do you hear live to work…BUT love what you do!  That’s my mantra.  I hope it is yours as well.  Below is a wonderful video from TED that I hope will encourage you to love what you do…and inspire you to do it better.



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